Monday, August 4, 2008

After Dark!

The reaction most moms would have when hearing they will soon be introduced to their son's new love, would normally be something along the lines of...Wow...can't wait to meet her! Perhaps the parent would make dinner reservations to hang out at a chic new restaurant in New York, (where my mom was living at the time.) Maybe arrange for us to meet for drinks at a happening bar. Or how about a casual little stroll through Central Park???

Oops. I forgot. We're talking about MY mother.

See the attached New York Post clipping she sent me in the mail about a couple of months prior to Maria and I making the trip. I guess she had other plans for us.

(ECU on POST article mailed to me May 9, 1999)

You & Maria are staying near Central Park-Don't go into Park after Dark!
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