Saturday, February 28, 2009

By Law, You Have to Have a Safe Operating Stove

I don't know where to begin with this one from 1992. The entry's title's my favorite line in the letter. Although I'm not sure it's against the law, I'd bet an ex-boss of my mom's retaliating against me, is. Right?

If your manager does not fix the stove in a short period of time, I will have this lawyer I know write a letter to the owner telling him of the problem. So let me know if you need a lawyer's letter. By Law, you have to have a safe operating stove. And if he takes too much time fixing it, the manager is NOT doing his job! Your rent includes a stove and it poses a hazard (safety).
Good Luck! And let me know if you need a letter-
Page 2-
I'm afraid of my ex-boss. The one I had the hearing with. Don't give your address to anyone. She may want to retaliate! (She's crazy)
Also-when you use Bomb in house-you have to rinse dishes and put food away!
(I know-I know-stop acting like a mom!)

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