Monday, February 16, 2009

I Drink Smirnoff Vodka

Just found this letter and it made me wonder...
am I more of a Poppy Seed or a Chicken Feather?
Seriously, if anyone deserves a drink...

Chicken Feather-
Enclosed find $20. It always helps to have an extra $20.
I can't wait for May so I can get out of here and come to see you. I miss you.
Don't plan anything for my birthday. I'd just like to have one of those steaks. And I drink Smirnoff Vodka.

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Please Don't Get Angry At This

Now why would I get...

Dear Adam-
Did you ever stop to consider why you always get so angry with me? I'm only interested in the best for you. I'm not your enemy, and lately, you've been treating me as if I am.
If I'm not always positive and do not always come up laughing, it's because I've not always had it easy. I don't have a husband to protect me like some women do and I've learned not to be so trusting.
So, don't be so hard on me and so judgmental. I love you-you know that-and if I say things to irritate you, stop to think where I'm coming from. I only want the best for you because you deserve it.
A thought. And please don't get angry at this-
Until you're ready to get married, you should use some protection because you don't want to be a father before any marriage takes place.
Love, mom

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