Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Play The Lottery

"You've got to ask yourself one question...Do I feel lucky?"

Since I had to get out of my place that I was renting with a very unpleasant lady, you let me come stay with you for a couple of weeks until I move into my new place, and I really appreciate it as I know you both have a busy life. What with the kids, the Nanny, and the two of you both working, I realize it's quite an imposition to say the least! Even a relative should not be a handicap to their children!
I play the lottery once in awhile and if I win tonight, I'll move into a hotel (which is what I would prefer) and I'd be very happy to give you kids half of my winnings as I know things are hard for you both in this recession (as it is for a lot of people.)
But, we should all remember to count our blessings and we have many to be grateful for.

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