Friday, November 27, 2009

Someone That Turns Me Off!

Letter Dictionary:
Graham=Someone she dated.
Dundee=Someone she never dated but admired.
Adam=Me=Her son=Someone who'd have preferred never reading ANY of this.

The guy (Graham) really is a Jerk! He's NO Dundee either! He's not at all masculine. A wimp! I can't stand weak men! That's why he likes that German lady. She's happy to take control. And Adam, I can't go to bed with someone that turns me off! I don't think you could either!
I don't know if there's anyone out there for me. If not, I'll just do the best I can on my own. I'd rather be alone than put up with someone's behavior that makes me want to throw up. If I weren't so particular, I could have been re-married 10 times already!
Take care of you for me. You're the most important man in my life. (Until another comes along.)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chamomile Tea

This letter keeps me up at night.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


So my mother mailed me this NY POST photo clipping back in 2000, showing me how the star of the movie, "Blue", in her opinion, looks like my wife. Innocent enough. Sure. What she swears she didn't notice is that little synopsis directly under the picture which explains the movie to be all about a young woman who loses her musician-husband and child in a car wreck.
Now THAT, boys and girls, is what I call WEIRD.

Doesn't this look like Maria?

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Man of Mystery

Normally, I'd explain the WHO? and the WHAT? of this letter.
But thanks to its advice from 1988...,
Today, I am a man of mystery.
Dear Adam,
I hope when you talk to Alisa, you don't confide everything in her. Specifically, regarding your financial condition. She doesn't have to know all your personal business. You don't know if she repeats it to her mother or not.
In any event, keep certain things to yourself. If you get married, that's another matter! But, until that happens, it's better to remain a man of mystery than one who bears all. Girls like a little challenge.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Will Have To Be Committed

So let me get this straight...
HER mom, drives HER crazy?

Thought I'd plan on coming out for 2 nights. Alone. I need to have a little space from Nan for 2 days and I want to see Truman. So, I'm planning on beginning of March. Will discuss dates with you to what's convenient for you. I would stay at the hotel only because I need very much to be alone or I will have to be committed. My identity has been lost just when I almost had one and I have to recover it.
P.S. Could you send Clive Davis, who is again head of Arista Records, a sample of your music? He's 71 years old now and Jewish and I think he would listen to you. Try!
Did you and Maria start your taxes?

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