Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nan & Michael Are F***ing Out Of Their Head

Will the real person out of their head, please stand up...

And P.S. Don't worry. My mom ended up moving back to Los Angeles soon after I received this lovely Thanksgiving Day greeting. Are you happy?!

After I spoke to you today and you asked me if "I was happy", I wondered if something was wrong with you! How could you ask me that? Do you think I've been having a good time?
I have no home, no job, and I'm struggling just to keep a roof over me and you ask "if I'm happy"!!
I haven't seen you in 4 months. I'm lonely and yet you ask me that. Don't you realize what I'm going through?
Nan & Michael are fucking out of their head and I have no one to talk to. You wanted me out of LA. I should ask, "Are you happy?"
You got what you wanted.

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