Sunday, February 1, 2009

They're Not Citizens

My mother arranged to have my 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (black with red interior) driven to me from Miami Beach to Los Angeles by a company called, "Dependable Car Travel." Of course, she did her best to make me feel safe about my precious first car being driven across the country by people I didn't know. The letter started out great. "Dependable Car Travel". UCLA prospects. Phone contacts. Wow! All good. Nice job, mom. Wait. What? What about my tapes in the trunk? Finger printed? Who? Not from the United States? What's wrong with you? Next thing you know, you'll be telling me the driver just got paroled and depends on a seeing eye dog...
Mom? Mommmmmmm!?

September 9th, 1983
Dear Adam,
Your car is leaving today for California. Two guys in their late 20's are going out to look into UCLA for themselves. They're supposed to be in California Saturday the 17th. Dependable Car Travel has an office in California-number is 659-2722.
Just get the car from them- (the guys). I gave them your telephone number out there. Don't get involved with those guys. They're not citizens of the U.S. They only have resident cards. They were being finger printed by the agency when I called as they do with anyone who takes a car.
I hope there were no tapes in the trunk that have not been copywritten.
There's no reason to call the office-but they told me to give you the number anyhow.
I'll be happy when you finally get your car!

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