Saturday, January 24, 2009

Love, Joan

This one hit a real sore spot and proves to me that my mother's goal is to make "BFF's" with anyone and everyone who comes into ANY contact with me. Even at the workplace. Check out this postcard she addressed to the staff of a travel agency where I worked part time years ago. What mother corresponds with people she doesn't really know? And we're not talking a Holiday card here! Notice the word, "Again" in her greeting. I'm telling you, she wrote to these poor people all the time. I can still hear the guy who opened the mail say to me, "Oh's another postcard from your mom..."
Can you say, "two week notice...?"

Postcard addressed to:

Hello Again from New York! The heat wave broke at last!

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The ConGraff Collective said...

wow. this is hands down the best blog on the net. I've had enough of the dime a dozen politico bloggers. We need to know more of the obsucre stories aound the world. WELL DONE and keep on posting.

for something also obscure see:

Dixie's Whimsey said...

Adam... Mom outdid even herself on this one... As a mom myself, it did cross my mind once to contact my daughters employer and tell them how truly wonderful she was and that she was well qualified for a promotion she was seeking... and then, thank God, I quickly "snapped" right back into reality and thought "she'd absolutely KILL me!"

It was a fleeting thought, but I have to say, I know where Mom is coming from...

blessings, Dixie

Joan said...

I swear, every time I read your blog I feel like "Mother of the Year". Not to say I didn't WANT to call my kids' bosses, but I didn't - or send postcards. *beam*