Monday, February 16, 2009

I Drink Smirnoff Vodka

Just found this letter and it made me wonder...
am I more of a Poppy Seed or a Chicken Feather?
Seriously, if anyone deserves a drink...

Chicken Feather-
Enclosed find $20. It always helps to have an extra $20.
I can't wait for May so I can get out of here and come to see you. I miss you.
Don't plan anything for my birthday. I'd just like to have one of those steaks. And I drink Smirnoff Vodka.

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Dixie said...

okay... the "poppy seed" was kinda cute... "chicken feather"... that's out there... mom must have been indulging in some of that vodka when she wrote this one...
I need a glass of wine...

A Granddaughter said...

Ok, your blog is fantastic. So glad I found it. Look forward to reading more.

My mother is nuts. My whole family is nuts. And I'm writing / researching about my nutsy grandfather who was a bank robber amongst other things.

A Granddaughter
Finding Grandpa