Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Hardest Working Man In Real Estate

So I was speaking with my close childhood friend, Ben the other day. He lives in Minnesota now and we don't get to speak to each other as often as we'd like. We both have families and are very busy people, but still keep in touch.

Several months ago, he mentioned that my mom sent him a letter. "She sent YOU a letter?", I responded. I'm not sure WHY I acted surprised when I asked him what the letter said. He scanned it and emailed it to me. As I read it for the first time on my computer screen, I was propelled back into the 6th grade boys' locker room (read the very 1st blog entry) as I felt a sudden rush of anger and embarrassment wash over me.

I couldn't imagine why my mother (even though she knows Ben) would feel comfortable writing him and more mortifying...suggest that Ben should speak to me more often. That I miss him. Man! I understand she means well, but come on!

That said, could my mother not have found a decent piece of paper to write ON? This one is courtesy of a realtor known as, "The hardest working man in real estate". Where does she find this stuff? Ironically, I believe my mother could be the mascot for all things prudential...

Excuse the paper. I love the picture of your boys. They are so beautiful.
Did you know Adam is selling his house? You should speak to him more often. He misses you.
Mrs. C


Dixie said...

just wondering... did Ben call you or did you call him? LOL

don't eat sushi said...

My mother called Ben and they conferenced me.

PaperAddictJenn said...

Your comment on my blog really made my day! I love your blog and sent my readers (well, I guess people that just look at my pictures count even though they their comments make it obvious they didn't read what I wrote) your way.

Elisa said...

Your mom is hilarious. She sounds like quite a character :-)

Rhonda Parker said...

:) I love how she prints in her letter to your friend, while she writes in cursive for your letters... isn't it sweet that she makes it easier for your friends to read the letters than you? :) Love the blog!