Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dear Mr. President

So she told me she'd written a letter to the President of the United States of America. "What? Oh no! What did you write?", I asked.
She sent me this copy.
All it needs is...P.S. Eat your'll need your strength.

Enclosed find a rough draft of the letter I wrote to the President.

Dear Mr. President-
I think you will be one of the best Presidents that we ever had.
I worked for a bureaucracy as a social worker for many years and I know how they work. Don't let the "beasts" bother you. They want to keep things "status quo" for their own benefit.
Play it "close to the vest". You're the President. You don't have to prove anything to anyone. You don't have to go on the "Jay Leno" show or any other TV show. You're above all that.
Because you are such a "nice guy", people will take advantage of that. Just do what you do and keep away from the "beasts".
My cell is: xxx-xxx-xxxx and my address is: xx xx xxx
Joan Cxxx

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Dixie said...

Dear Joan,
Thank you for your kind letter. You sound just like my own dear mother. I always listen to what mother has to say, but you know that "Father knows best".

Thank you for sharing your phone number with me. If I am ever at a loss, I will certainly pick up my cell pbone (from the secret service of course) and give you a call. We need more Americans just like you.

The President...

NG said...

Well, if he was ever concerned that he might not be up to the job, I'm sure this will quell his fears. We should all thank her.

P.S. I would have hired an impersonator to call her on her cell and say he was the President. Then ask if she had any ideas about how to fix the economy. But that is because I am not as good a daughter as you are a son.

Libby said...

Well, if we look at the bright side here - she didn't mention you or offer your cell phone number.

holly said...

I guess it's nice for the president to know that someone's looking out for him!

Thanks for posting these letters, they are endlessly entertaining. :)

Wendy said...

Love your mom's letters. She rocks. I think you should start getting her to answer questions from readers, like an advice column!

don't eat sushi said...

Absolutely Wendy!! That's the plan. And I'm pitching that she have a permanent office located IN the White House. It'd be quiet...quaint...well decorated...AND ONLY ABOUT 3000 MILES AWAY FROM ME! (I just got a chill.)

Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

OMG... I just found your blog and am now hooked......I have a three year old son and I am wondering if I'll do this to him??? ...most likely.
Great stuff!
PS. Stop by and say "hi" sometime, my blog is girlie- you won't like it... but say hi anyway! That way I know you got this. (There, did that sound 'mom-like'??) LOL