Sunday, July 12, 2009


Doctor: So how do you feel about your girlfriend breaking up with you, Adam?
Adam: I'll be fine, Doc! But take a look at this...!!

You need to speak to someone. You can do it on a Saturday. I'll ask my doctor if he knows anyone in LA or you can ask your internist for the name of a psychologist. Even your Eye Doctor (who you like) could recommend someone.
It's hard when something ends. But there's always a new beginning down the line. Hold your ground. You deserve the best and you will get it! You need a help-mate. Someone that gives, not takes!
P.S. Make sure you use rubbers! Don't take chances.

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NG said...


Trudi said...

Adam -
Your Mom cracks me up. I want to be like her.

don't eat sushi said...

No problem, Trudi! My mom teaches Neurosis 101. From what she tells me, it's a spiritual journey that teaches the way to Universal Fulfillment through fear. I'll put your name down on the waiting list if you'd like...

Dixie said...

aaawwwww... that's not so bad... I frequently remind my 22 year old daughter... now honey... keep a condom in your purse.. just in case.. I, of course, hope "just in case" doesn't arrive... but... well... you know...

as for mental help... mom should remember that when one finger points away at someone else... 3 are pointing back at you... ;)

don't eat sushi said...

Dixie, I was 32 when I received this letter. And really no guy wants to hear the word, "rubber" coming out of his mother's mouth, unless it preceeds the words, "Chicken", "Band", or "Soul".

MJ said...

Grody Mama! Mama should not say "rubber." Ewww!