Saturday, September 26, 2009


When you look at the letter, do YOU find it odd that my name was written in a box labeled, CASE NAME??? Hello? Mr. DeMille? Anybody?

Go to some of the Major Motion Picture Studios. (Paramount, MGM, etc.) They have a personnel office. Take your resume and speak to one of the officers and tell them you're looking for a job related to music. What openings do they have. Sometimes, they need in-house musicians and you have to go (in person) 'cause once they see how gorgeous you are, all the people will help you in your pursuit. It won't hurt to go as they do have personnel department there.
Please let me know if you're going to fly off somewhere. I would want to know what plane you're on. And try to conserve your money for necessary items only.

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NG said...

They probably won't even make you do anything. They're just give you money because you're so gorgeous. ;)

don't eat sushi said...

The $$ truly hasn't STOPPED coming in...(Pardon me for a second...Hey you! Fetch me more grapes...!)

MJ said...

Love the photo of you holding all that mail. It's perfect.

Wendy said...

I was wondering if your mom could adopt me. I think I might not be gorgeous enough though. But... maybe I could make up for it with personality.

don't eat sushi said...

If it will somehow benefit ME in some way, I'm sure she'd consider it...!