Saturday, January 2, 2010

People Are So Odd

Proof once again that in my family, odd is relative.

Dear Adam,
Just a note to say hello.
The night you had your car stolen and I reported it to the insurance company the next day, do you know the only thing Nan was concerned about 'cause she heard me on the phone was, "How did Adam afford to put an $800 stereo in the car?!" I didn't answer, but she kept repeating it. Can you imagine! It's none of her business!
P.S. People are so odd.

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GunDiva said...

I may have to take a page out of your book - er, blog - and post the oddest letter I got from my father as part of my Christmas present. Still debating on whether or not it's postable. After reading it, I turned to him and asked him, point-blank, if he intended to commit suicide - it was that weird.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha. i see where your mother gets it from!