Saturday, February 27, 2010

Do Me A Favor-Please Don't Eat Sushi

Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is! The letter and newspaper clipping from 1989 that inspired the title for this blog! It was waiting for me to re-discover it at the bottom of one of my piles.
So without further ado, it is my honor to share it here with you. Right now, for the very first time!
The worm has turned.

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Anonymous said...

i shouldn't have read this... i love sushi hahaha

Libby said...

Having patience does pay off!

Just Stacy said...

Holy crap, this blog cracks me up ... very happy I stumbled upon it. I'm working my way backwards, but will read all the letters. Thanks for the laughs :)

don't eat sushi said...

Hi Stacy! Welcome aboard! And please, help spread the neurosis.

Anonymous said...

i gave youa blog award!

karen said...