Sunday, March 28, 2010

Role Model

Los Angeles/Summer 2010
Family seeking...
Part-time housekeeper for out of state family member's visit;
Full-time therapist for in-state neurotic mother.

I have always tried to protect you from both Bonnie and Michael when you were a kid because they were dysfunctional and both had obvious sociopathic disorders.
I'm concerned about my grandchildren now when it comes to Bonnie's possible visit to stay with you. She smokes pot, she's a pig, and leaves her urine on the seat after she goes.
I know it's up to you and Maria with whether she stays with you or not. Just as I told you about (Cousin) Laurie, I'm voicing my concern.
She is NO role model for the children. Ask (Cousin) Andrew. He had to throw her (literally) out of his house.

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Anonymous said...

that must have been quite the exchange. Bonnie seems like a fun character!

don't eat sushi said...

My Aunt Bonnie is pretty awesome!

s'me said...

Does she do all those things? The public need to know!

don't eat sushi said...

I'm glad you asked me that, S'me.
My aunt has been known to be a tad untidy at times. She WAS (a long time ago, anyway) a midnight toker. As for the urine stains, I never noticed a thing. Next time I visit her, I may have to borrow my mother's UV/black light stain detector. Just to be sure.