Saturday, June 13, 2009

Is It Personal?

Let's see...asphyxiation? Check. Vandalism? Check. Make sure you worry about things that really don't matter? Check. And, oh yeah...Shwew! I almost forgot something...Does your wife not like when I visit?
Check, please.
(Marcello=my 3 year old
Truman=my 5 year old
Maria=my wife)

Watch Marcello as he puts things around his neck and he could choke himself! Also, make sure the front door is locked as anyone could come up and open the door.
And, when you pick-up Truman, make sure you get there early enough so you could get a parking spot.
Why does Maria wait till I leave before she comes home? I never get to see her! Is it personal?

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NG said...

Are you sure your mother doesn't moonlight as my mother in law?

Kittibee said...

ha ha what lovely letters :) ima mum my son is 9 tomorrow !!!im in a tizzy worrying if his cake will sink or if enough kids will come and wreck our home :) ive just loose my mum about 2 months ago now .. your letters reminded me of the advice she always gave me , with winks and a nod .. hand signals ... i miss my mum but as i make dinner each evening i feel myself automatiocally say and do things she did he he .... " wash your hands please ..." dont run through the kitchen please " he he .. sends a hug across the world to you and your mum from Ireland xx Kittibee

don't eat sushi said...

NG-she is available for hire!

don't eat sushi said...

Hi Kittibee!
Sounds like we've got ourselves a pandemic! Thanks for sharing your story! And regarding your son's birthday party, if any of his friends have a cold, tell them to stay home.

Elisa said...

Man, your mom is really hilarious. She seems to embody the qualities of moms and mother-in-laws from classic jokes ;-)

Kittibee said...

update for "dont eat sushi " :)
I survived the party yay ! and the cake only sank half an inch in the centre ! because being my first cake of course I opened the oven too soon @@ ha ha but but ! I filled the dip with strawberries so walla ! Ive now dust myself off literally he he my partner came home as I was still cooking dinner this time , and said lovingly , theres butter in your hair and flour and whats that on your arm ewww ! ha ha ... i told him the kids said I was a cool mum and he said I love u ^^ did you save me a cookie ?, i said i hid two in the bread jar for uuuu ;) all in all a success !...followed with a chilled grenache ^^ today though I really feel the need for some intelligent blogging ha ha and this weekend we are going out hurray .. first time since two months :) hope you have a nice day ... Kittibee :)

Dixie said...

Adam... how long can Maria stay away from home?... Mom may just decide to stage a sit-in and wait...wait....wait...

Poor Mom... she means well... she really-really does! and think of the stories the boys will have to share someday, with their own little brood...