Sunday, June 28, 2009

Paul Walker, Tom Welling and Justin Guarini

Should guys really get this kind of magazine clipping?
That said, the only celebrity I know of here is Justin Guarini from American Idol. Though I’m pretty sure my Flowbee doesn’t have a setting for that hair style.

Your hair looked SO great when it was short and curly. What does Maria think?

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Kitti said...

oh ha ha ha ! is that a real gadget @@ ! It looks dangerous he he he happy tuesday Adam , Kitti x

don't eat sushi said...

If my mother knew about the Flowbee, I'd probably get 10 more letters per week warning me not to use it!
Wait a minute...
Does that give me an idea?
Hee Hee Heeeeeeeeeee!

Dixie said...

So Adam... what does Maria think? I bet you were really cute with all those curls...

have a great July 4th holiday!