Saturday, November 7, 2009

Man of Mystery

Normally, I'd explain the WHO? and the WHAT? of this letter.
But thanks to its advice from 1988...,
Today, I am a man of mystery.
Dear Adam,
I hope when you talk to Alisa, you don't confide everything in her. Specifically, regarding your financial condition. She doesn't have to know all your personal business. You don't know if she repeats it to her mother or not.
In any event, keep certain things to yourself. If you get married, that's another matter! But, until that happens, it's better to remain a man of mystery than one who bears all. Girls like a little challenge.

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Sara said...

She's got a point on that one.

don't eat sushi said...

Sad, but true.
All hail Adam's M.O.M.
(aka Mother of Mystery.)

MJ said...

My Mom gave me this same advice. It works like a charm.

Eve said...

Hahahaha... your mother cracks me up!
It's so great that she cares enough to send you these wonderful little snippets of advice! :)