Saturday, December 26, 2009

This Is Not Your Hysterical Mother Talking

Now here's a little known follow-up to the classic song, "What are you doing New Year's Eve?"
Here's, "What you shouldn't be doing New Year's Eve", from Adam's Mom.
Happy New Year, eveybody!

We're preparing a list at work for all our clients who would be at risk should electricity in New York stop because of the Y2K problem January 31, 2000. This means no traffic lights, no mass transportation, no phones or refrigeration, no lights, no elevators. So, the thought occurred to me...Don't drive that night and don't take elevators. Keep a flashlight on hand and have some canned food in apartment. Don't go on subways. Stay near where you're staying so you can walk back to apartment. You need bottled water and a manual can opener. When you get to apartment where you're staying, get prepared just in case of emergency. See what you need. This is not your hysterical mother talking. We have been so instructed at work by a well informed computer expert!!!! Better to take precaution than be sorry.


Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

LOL! Your blog makes me smile.

paulafrances said...

it's just another New Year's Eve...

Have a wonderful one!

Anonymous said...


Ok, my dad bought into all that Y2K... well, our whole church did. and Some dude in the church made a killing off everyone. He sold me dad like four huge barrels... (not buckets, like huge barrels that I could fit inside of) full of water, and then tons and tons of buckets of rice, and dried food and all that jazz... we had like a little bunker in the basement.

i know.

don't eat sushi said...

That's so strange, Nathanael. I believe my mom purchased the same stuff from that same dude at your church. Only difference is, she buys hers EVERY year.
Happy New Year

Anonymous said...


Happy New Year.

GardenGirl31 said...

I remember that New Year very clearly. We all really thought something was going to happen. At the party I attended it did - the host turned off the main breaker right at midnight. Believe me it got a reaction. :)

don't eat sushi said...

Garden Girl-I only wish my mother was at that party. That would have brought me at LEAST another dozen letters...